Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Timing and a Place of Order

For years I have been trying to gain the courage to brave the task of removing Steve’s clothing from my closet. It is a distressing thing to do. Shortly after his passing I would spend hours, sometimes even the entire night, in the closet lying on his clothes, crying, trying to feel close to him.

A couple years ago, I asked Meagan to clean out Steve’s coats from the coat closet. She did so, only to find the timing wasn’t right. I began hysterically crying, and put every coat and jacket back in its place. I guess it wasn’t the right time after all.

Sunday, an impromptu cleaning of my bedroom closet happened. It began by Jordan and Sarah looking for a hat for Jordan, and ended with all my children and their spouses gathering piles of Steve’s clothes that they could use, or had sentimental value. Of course, the son-in-laws, were very considerate, my boys had first dibs on everything.

Jordan is very fashionable and was able to acquaint the rest of us with the latest trends and styles in men’s clothing. He could identify the finest fabrics and brands. Mike especially appreciated the advice. Many of Steve’s casual shirts fit Mike, but pants and suits will have to be altered a bit.

One of the best discoveries of the night was a watch. It was a very fashionable watch with the $350 price tag still on it. It only took Mike one day to get it fitted by a jeweler. It will be a cherished keepsake for him.

I couldn’t really identify or define my feelings at the time. My children made it an easier process. It was easier to not have the “cleaning of the closet "planned, and to know that the clothing was going to my children. The kids made it bearable by sharing stories about their Dad as a piece of clothing would spark a memory. They were laughing about great memories, while the younger ones were hiding in the piles of clothes.

Meg came the next day and helped me finish cleaning and organizing the closet. I felt content; a sense accomplishment, and a little relieved that I could finally tackle this project. I still have sad moments about the task accomplished, but I now feel like my closet is a place of order. I know I could have received the same sense of order my merely tiding it up, but it seemed like it was finally the right time.

“Behold, mine house is a house of order, saith the Lord God, and not a house of confusion.” [D&C 132:8]

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Po Po and The Hearing Officer

Can you believe you can be issued a parking citation for inadvertently attaching your DMV stickers in the wrong place? I didn’t. The Grand AM, or “grey car” is the car my teenager’s are allowed to drive. It is specifically for their use, but I own it.

Steve used to manage all vehicle registrations, and attachment of the DMV stickers. Years after his passing, we have been taking care of it, and correctly I must add, until recently. The kids’ inadvertently attached the stickers in the wrong place. One of my teenager drivers’ was parked in Salt Lake City and received a parking citation for this.

Surprise, surprise this child forgot to tell me about the ticket, until I received a notice in the mail. Not even understanding what it was for, I inquired. I made the child responsible contact the appropriate people to refute the ticket. This child was informed that all we had to do is get new stickers at the DMV, attached them correctly, and show proof to the Justice System. New DMV tickets were acquired, and I thought the ticketed child had appeared in court.

That was until I received a collection notice in the mail. I guess this child had forgotten to take care of an important matter, prior to leaving the country. When I appeared in front of the Hearing Officer today, she took no mercy. “But officer, the child responsible is out of the country on a HUMANITARIAN TRIP, and forgot to take care of the ticket before leaving,” I begged. “If this child would have taken care of the ticket in the first week of receiving it, it would have been $10," she refuted.

The minor “sticker ticket” had been increased to $140. As I plead my case, she looked indifferent. She “generously” (her words) reduced the fine to $50. Fifty bucks for a sticker error, still too much in my opinion.. When I semi-jokingly, asked if I didn’t pay it if they would put said child in jail, she stated, “No, it will be you, you are the person on the registration.”

Feeling trapped, and wanting the whole situation to go away, I reluctantly paid my $50 fine. It was, however, not without negative discourse with Pedro (well I’m not sure that was really his name), my fellow delinquent while waiting in line. Thank you to the Po Po for such a lovely fine. Hopefully, lesson learned by said child.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Beautiful, Rough Week

Quite contradictory in terms, but this week has been both beautiful and rough. It has included emotions such as joy, sorrow, jubilation, heartsick, celebration, and a heavy heart. Father’s Day was the 19th, my wedding anniversary the 20th, and my birthday the 23rd. Under normal circumstances these days would be beautiful, wonderful days, to be celebrated. But when someone is missing, the love of your life, these days become challenging.

Anniversaries, birthday’s, and holidays, bring to remembrance of what “used to be”. Since Steve’s passing these milestones have been difficult. They remind me of our loss. They are significant reminders of what is missing in my life, and in my children’s life.

I am very grateful for fabulous children, family, and friends, who help me through these rough times.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ditching Father's Day

Father’s Day is uncomfortable for our family and for those around us. To make the day a little brighter for all, we decided to go to Park City for the weekend. We were hoping to indulge in a hike, bike ride, or some other activity. Unfortunately, there was a torrential down pour most of Sunday, which dampened our plans.

Instead, we ventured out on a mid-morning leisurely drive. We were smitten with the beauty of the mountain scenery. The moisture had turned the mountains into lush velvet greenery. The nature-made brooks were running rapidly down the mountain side. It was a gorgeous sight.

We loved the quaintness of down town Park City. We drove by a tree that was covered in shoes. Katelyn mentioned how she wished she had those shoes to take to the people of Africa.

It was a very relaxing weekend for us.

I heard a speaker at church gave a very nice tribute to Steve. How sweet, I wish I could have heard it. We still miss Steve a lot! What a great dad he was! We miss him!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Digit Denial

Wow, I can’t believe how old I am today. I have never been THIS old before. I’m not sure I am embracing this new number. I think I am in digit denial. Ben told me today that I don’t look over 33. How sweet! Wonder where he came up with that unusual number?

My kids planned a surprise party for me on Saturday night. They REALLY surprised me! I couldn’t believe they could pull it off. If you didn’t get an invite, don’t get your panties in a bunch, they only invited family and a few friends. Thanks kids, it was fabulous!

Today, Mike, Lizzy and Ben made me a huge breakfast in bed. Aren’t they sweet! Really, I have the best kids in the world. I went to lunch with a friend at Plates and Palates; had a scrumptious salad and a wonderful time.

Off to baseball games tonight. The kids think I should go to dinner with friends, but baseball sounds good to me.

Thank you everyone for a great birthday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Reception

Sarah and Jordan’s wedding reception was held in the Wasatch Room in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The Building is conveniently, located directly east of the Salt Lake Temple.

The Wasatch Room is on the 9th floor, with panoramic views of the Wasatch Mountains coupled with crystal chandeliers and gold leaf arched ceilings. It is a gorgeous room. One of Sarah’s favorite things about the room was the purple walls and gold leafed alcove, since purple was one of her wedding colors.

It was such an enjoyable evening! We are so appreciative of all our friends and family that came to support, and celebrate with us on this wonderful day! We love you!

I was in charge to make sure Jordan's car didn't get dirty......oops! Sorry Jordan!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sarah & Jordan's Wedding, Friday, May 6, 2011

The wedding ceremony was planned in late morning at 11:40. With a later time, Sarah could sleep in, and spend lots of time getting ready. The morning seemed like a scene from the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." We had two stylists (friends) working on hair, make-up and giving wardrobe advice. It was a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Perfect, scenario right before a wedding.

The temple sealing ceremony was performed in the Salt Lake Temple. There is nothing as rewarding as watching your daughter be sealed to a wonderful man in the temple. A sealing that is for time and all eternity. We were fortunate to have a VERY SPECIAL family friend perform their sealing. What a great blessing it was. It was such a beautiful, and sacred experience for us. My feelings can't be written here, but we will always remember this special sealing ceremony. We could feel Steve's presence and knew how proud he was of his daughter.

The sealing ceremony was PERFECT in every way! We all felt so blessed to be in attendance, and to feel that sacred spirit.

Ben asked one of his siblings if Sarah would give him a hug......priceless! Grandparents

Family and friends.


Sarah and Jordan. The bracelet is "something old". It is Sarah's Grandma Brown's that she lets each grandaughter wear at their wedding.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Wedding Dinner

The wedding dinner was held the night before the wedding ceremony and reception. Jordan's parents' hosted the dinner in the Empire Room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Everything was fabulous! The dinner entree was tasty cranberry chicken with rice. The ambiance was spectacular in the stunning room, with the beautiful temple glaring through the windows. Ben's eyes widened, his mouth dropped when he entered the room, and he said, "Is this the royal wedding" I told him, it was much better than the royal wedding. We are so grateful to friends and family that helped us celebrate.

Steve's Family

My Family

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loyalty Confusion

Ben created quite a ruckus with his hat and uniform choice. I warned him not to do it, but he had other plans. His Rookie, Red Socks rec team is moving on to the semi-finals tomorrow night!

Bridals & Groomals

It was a little stressful finding a beautiful day to photograph the Bridals. This spring has been particularly unseasonal with the amount of moisture we have received. We have had a lot of rain and even snow, during the month of April.

The Bridals were rescheduled several times due to inclement weather. Finally, one week prior to the wedding that was to be held on May 6th, the Bridals were finally complete. We were happy our photographer Chad, with Faces Photography could work so quickly.

Needless to say…..they are beautiful pictures!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Gas Leak

Last Monday night I had prepared a palatable dinner of rotisserie chicken, boiled red potatoes, and a vegetable. We left some dishes in the sink, as we hurried off to a baseball game.

When I returned, I expected to smell the aroma of freshly baked chicken. Instead, I thought I smelled GAS! Yikes! A sense of panic swept over me as I checked to make sure the gas burners on the stove were off, the fireplace wasn’t on, and that the furnace hadn't malfunctioned.

I opened all the windows, and doors, and had fans blowing to dismiss the odor. I had a friend and her husband come over to access the situation. By the time they arrived the repugnant stench had dissipated a bit. Only a vague trace of the odor was lingering.

Still, not convinced that I didn’t have a gas leak, we called our nice neighborly plumber to check things out. On his way to my house, the dog happened to run inside. I grabbed her, picked her up, and quickly determined that she was the source of the “gas leak”.

I’m still not sure exactly what happened while I was away. Did a skunk and my dog run through my house? Or, did the dog come in after she was sprayed by the skunk and run through my house? Whatever the case, we did have a "gas leak", but it seemed to be a nature not natural one.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The 1993 Babies

In 1993 four babies were born on my side of the family. These babes would be graduating from high school in 2011. They are: Jordan, Katelyn, Laura, and Jackie. Two sisters and two sister-in-laws gave birth to these adorable children.

The Saturday after high school graduation, my sister Heidi, hosted a party in their honor. What a delight to watch these 4 babies grow up into amazing young adults. Good Luck to the graduates of 2011!

Jordan, Kate, Laura, and Jackie