Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Friday, August 14, 2015

Evening Activities

This little guy melts my heart. He is so fun, active, and such a cutie. Meg and I love to sit in the driveway and watch him enjoy some of Ben's old toys, and some of his own.  He usually has a bruise here and there, because he loves to keep busy!

Scout Camp 2015

Scout Camp was held at Bear Lake Aquatics Base on the east shore of Bear Lake, straddling the Utah/Idaho border.  It is one of the premier camps, which offers diverse programs for the Scouts who attend camp.

This camp is designed to help each Scout obtain multiple merit badges in one week. Ben came home with 8 merit badges, and a smile on his face.  He loved camp!

A HUGE thank you to the many leaders who plan, supervise, and assist with these wonderful camps!  You're the best!

Out of School Party

The number of little kids are dwindling at Grandma Brown's annual out-of-school-party.  The youngest grandchild is Millie, who is five.  The great-grand's total eleven!  Unfortunately, several of them live out of state so we don't see them as often.

Even with a small crowd, the kids had fun with the slip'n slide, the pool, water balloons, and Grandma Brown's famous egg salad sandwiches.  Meagan enjoyed watching Mason enjoy some of the fun traditions that she did as a young child.

Willard Bay

Our first boating experience this summer was at Willard Bay. The water is very low this year, due to the dry winter we had.  There were signs posted stating the the launching dock was closed.  When I inquired, I was told that the water was so low, that they were open, but it was boat at your own risk.

The water level wasn't as tricky as encouraging my children to help me launch the boat.  Thanks to Coulter's skills, I was able to get the boat on the water.  We had a wonderful day on the lake.  No one wanted to water ski.  We enjoyed a lovely picnic, boating, and swimming.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

School's Out For Summer

The first week of summer I decided to have my kids help me with some projects. One included cleaning the garage. I might have gone a little over-board with my enthusiasm for teaching them how to work.  I'm sure I could have found larger sponges/scrubbers for the garage floor:).

The kids started hiding from me, to get out of work. There are two kids under there.
So…the week Kate and Liz were nannying, Ben was at scout camp, I worked the entire week non-stop cleaning out storage rooms, the barbie room under the stairs, and moving Mike into his new room downstairs.  I got so much accomplished being by myself for one whole week.  I'm almost ready for Mike!!  Can't wait!

The Graduate - Ben Brown 2015

This handsome kid graduated from the 6th grade at Valley View Elementary School. To say I am over-joyed is an understatement! He is so smart, and so amazing. I am so proud of him.  We both are so happy to be moving on from Elementary School to Jr. High.

School teacher:  Ms. Trimble  Principal:  Mrs. Johnson


Kim Tran, Kate's childhood friend, got married to Spencer Woodland in May. Kate and "the girl's" we asked to be bridesmaids.  They, along with the bride, were absolutely beautiful!  Congrats Kim!

Greek Plays

I'm feeling a little old attending events at the Elementary School.  It must mean that I have spent many, many years here.  Probably so, since my oldest is 27 and she attending Valley View Elementary School as well.  I remember watching Meagan, Sarah, Kate, Mike, and Lizzy in the Greek Plays.  Not much has changed.

Ben doesn't love performing in plays, it's not really his thing, but he remember his lines and did a great job!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day began with the Bountiful "Temple View" hike.  I'm really not quite sure what it is called, but the reason we love this hike, is so that we can sit on top of the mountain with a beautiful view of the Bountiful Temple.

When we returned from our hike, Lizzy worked hard to complete our family flower arrangement for the grave.  She had gathered pictures, and printed out messages for Steve.  We miss him so much! Today is  a big reminder of our loss.

Late that morning, we met Steve's family at the graves.  This is the first time we have all gathered together on Memorial Day at his grave.  It was very nice to have the support.  We talked and shared stories about Steve.  My heart broke when someone asked Ben to share a story and he said he didn't have one.  He doesn't remember his Dad.  He was just a little guy, when Steve passed.  I think he enjoyed hearing stories about his Dad though.  I want him to hear stories about his wonderful Father, so that he can know him in some way.

We also visited Steve's Grandparents graves, and some other relatives.

We spent the evening at a wonderful barbecue with Steve's siblings at his parents.  We are blessed to be surrounded by family.

Cousins are Coming

I am so excited for these little mamma's to have their babies. Meagan is due July 14th with a baby boy, and Sarah is due November 5th with a little girl. I imagine, these two cute little cousins spending time with their Papa Brown in heaven getting their last little bit of advice.  Steve was always full of wonderful wisdom. When they arrive here, they are going to be the best of friends.

Grand babies are the best!

LaCaille 2015

Every year, Valley View Elementary School plans and schedules a fine dining experience for the 6th Grader's at LaCaille. They learn about manners, and etiquette and try to apply what they learn at this classy establishment.

This was my 6th, and last time to enjoy this fun activity.  It is my last time sampling the escargot, and watching the students squirm in their seats as they try new foods.  It is my last time watching awkward boys and girls interact with one another (well maybe not my last time for that). We are wrapping up our days of being a sixth grader.

I just might miss elementary school…..

Mueller Park Rec Baseball 2015

I love baseball!  I love to watch it professionally, and I love to watch my boy's play.  Ben hasn't been too fond of baseball, but he is good at it so, I insist he play.  I may or may not have had to bribe him a couple times to play.

This year Ben played on the Dodger's team.  They had him pitch quite a bit, and he was good.  There were times where he would pitch a no-hitter.  His coach, who also coached the Accelerated team, asked him quite frequently to play for them.  Since Ben was involved with basketball tournaments on Saturday, he was not able to help them out.  Several Dad's and coaches were interested in getting Ben to play baseball for them.  He really has a talent, I sure wish he would use it a little more.

Our team lost in the second round in the play-offs.  I loved watching every single game, and hope he will continue to play.

Mother's Day 2015

The kids spoiled me on Mother's Day! They made a wonderful homemade dinner, pomegranate chicken, new potatoes, and grilled vegetables.  I really should be making dinner for all my pregnant children, but Kate cooked for us, so all the little mamma's got a day off.

The kids showered me with wonderful gifts.  They gave me a fit-bit, that will calculate how many steps I take a day.  We programed it, so that my goal is at least 10,000 steps a day.  Not a big goal, but very realistic.  I can't wait to use it.

Sarah and Jordan made me a beautiful wreath for my door.  I love it!

The best part of the day was talking to Elder Brown via Skype!  This will be the last time we will talk with him before he comes home on July 8th.  He seems so happy!  We can't wait until he gets home in 2 1/2 months.  I am so excited for us to be all together again!