Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2014

Brandon and Haley - May 24, 2014

My nephew Brandon Brown, married Haley Buntrock on May 24th in the Mesa Arizona temple.  What a beautiful ceremony and reception they had in Arizona.  All of Jen and Scott's siblings, many cousins, and their parents were in attendance.  We all stayed in the Marriott Hotel located minutes away from all the events.

We had a wonderful time attending the festivities, as well as a min-vacation to boot.  Congrats Haley and Brandon!

The Wright House Reception Center

Thursday, June 12, 2014

From Nanny to Nana

All good things must come to an end.  I have had the opportunity of tending this 'little nugget' 3 days a week since he was 6 weeks old. As of the May 31, 2014, our time together as Nanny and Mason are over.

From a non-sleep infant, to a rambunctious toddler, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.  We have enjoyed, snuggles, Elmo, Bubble Guppies, the park, Bountiful Recreation Center (where he occasionally would go to Day Care while I worked out), Doctor visits, volunteering in Ben's class, watching Lizzy cheer, Midway Ice Castles, lots of walks, kevas, lunch, movies, playing with toys and his favorite trains, and much more.

I hope that as I move from Nanny to Nana, we can enjoy many more wonderful times together, and make great  memories together. I love you Mase!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ninth Grade Recognition Night - 2014

Ninth Grade Recognition Night is an event that celebrates the achievements of the students who are moving on to High School. I can't believe Lizzy will be attending High School in the Fall.  Where did my baby girl go?

Lizzy received a High Recognition from Mueller Park Jr. High for outstanding achievement: 4.0 High Honor Roll (5); Honor Roll (4); Citizenship Honor Roll (7), Service Club, and Cheerleader.  She has enjoyed her time at MPJ, and is looking forward to High School.

Math/Science Olympiad

Ben was invited to participate in the Math/Science Olympiad at Davis High School.  Several 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students were selected to preform.  There were various events that they would compete in against other schools.  It was an all day event.

Ben took the bus, and I drove up to meet him, and bring some kids home.  As I was walking into the High School a young mom from Morgan and I were having a conversation.  As we entered the High School she said, "Wow, I haven't been to High School since 2000.  I grinned and said nothing as I thought to myself, if she only knew.  Yes, it's been awhile….a long while since I have been in High School.  

I am a bit of a people watcher.  As I observed the intensity of many young moms as their child participated I thought, "I'm fine being an older mom, and having life experiences teach me a thing or two." I do wish I had their energy.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cheer Review 2013-2014

Early morning pep rallies, cheering on afternoon athletic events, and many practices, have been a big part of cheer leading for Lizzy.  These girls are absolutely adorable, and very loyal and kind to one another.  What a great group of girls!

At the End of Year Review, they performed all their dance and cheer routines for their parents.  They have worked so hard, and become a great little team.

Tears were shed as they are anticipating the end of an era, a great one, with many wonderful memories!
Beginning of Year
End of Year


We have had Snowball (our trusty old cat), since Meagan and Sarah were small.  Snowball was the best cat, living in the garage, enjoying the outdoors, and hunting mice.  We never had mice when Snowball was around.  When Snowball moved on, I vowed I would never get another cat.  Pets are hard.  The kids are always so excited to have a pet until they have to feed them, water them, and clean up after them.

Recently, we have found signs of mice IN OUR HOUSE! We set out a trap to catch them, and were really surprised early one morning when we were heard a squeaking in the cupboard.  Meagan and I opened the cupboard door and found a mouse, still alive, caught in the trap. We scream, and yelled for Quinn, while all of us girls jumped up on the counter. Quinn kindly disposed of the mouse, but it was then I knew we needed a cat.  I researched on-line, and found that even the presence of a cat will keep mice away.

One weekend, Lizzy and I were on a mission to find the perfect little kitty for our family.  After many phone calls answering ads on KSL, we finally happened upon Pets Mart and found the perfect kitten.  Maya is a Rescue kitten, who had been spade, and received all our shots.  When we watched her through the glass cage at the pet store, we knew she was the one.

We have enjoyed having Maya.  We haven't seen a mouse since we have had her, and we have trained Bella and her to get along with each other.  Now Bella has a friend, and we don't have MICE!