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Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas Candy/Baking

Let the baking/candy making begin!  Christmas is coming and we love to make treats! Mints, caramels, caramel pretzel rods, almond bark covered pretzels, cookies, and sometimes fudge and toffee.  This year I didn't get around to the fudge and toffee, but I must say we had enough sweets for our enjoyment and distribution.

Cookie exchange.  Lots of ladies, lots of cookies.
Carmel pretzel rods with Meg.
In the kitchen making caramels with the best carmel maker in town, Suzie Driggs.
The final product ready to distribute.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Woods Cross Christmas Dance

Lizzy got asked to Woods Cross boy's choice Christmas Dance, by an old friend from Junior High.  Jaxon McBride took her to Bountiful's rivalry's dance.  She was the only one from Bountiful in her group, but had a great time.

Good thing we took advantage of the Black Friday sale at Twirl, and got her a couple prom dresses.

Creative Arts Academy Benefit Concert

Creative Arts Dance Academy sponsored a benefit concert on December 4th.  The money raised was donated to World Joy, a non-profit organization. Katelyn joined them in 2011 on a trip to Ghana to teach and serve the people of Africa, so the concert was extra special for us.

Lizzy danced in "My Weakness" group.  They were stunning! She has become quite the little dancer.

The end of the performance included African dancers/children.  It warmed my heart watching them, as I was reminded Kate's experience.

Christmas Dance 2014

Lizzy turned 16 three days before the Bountiful High School Christmas Dance.  Her first date ended up being a girl's choice dance with Cooper Turpin.  We hosted 12 couples for dinner at our house for the dance.  Thanks to Kim Geurts and her daughter Kaylee for helping, especially with the dishes!

I can't take credit for the creative vegetables, festive cupcakes, or delicious rolls (I think Kim and I kept sneaking the rolls).  Each girl contributed to a delightful dinner.  I did however make 50 sweet and sour chicken tenders and rice.  I was surprised not to have one single chicken tender left at the end of the meal.  They loved them!

What a cute group of kids!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Watching Big Hero 6 with my little movie buddy. Love this little guy!

Happy Birthday Lizzy Girl

We celebrated Lizzy's 16th birthday as a family at one of her favorite restaurants. She loves the Spaghetti Factory, but who doesn't.  A group of waiters/waitresses sang Happy Birthday to her as they served her her birthday dessert.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Lizzy Girl!  Love her!

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Driver In Town

Have you ever heard the phrase, "blood, sweat, and tears?"  I think I experienced this figurative and literally teaching this child to drive….ok, maybe not the blood part.  If there would have been a teach-my-child-to-drive hot line to call for help, I would have called it. Oh my!

She is adorable and passed all the necessary tests to receive her license.  It's a strange feeling to drive in the driveway together with her license and have her drive out alone.

Look out, there's a new driver in town, and it's down town Lizzy Brown!

Mint Making 2014

Mint making with these ladies has become quite the Christmas tradition. I wish I could say I feel confident with my abilities to make them on my own, but I don't.  Each person has a special task that she is particularly good at that makes this group great.  Besides, candy making is always a lot better with a fun group of women.

Grand baby Number Two

Mason came dressed to Sunday dinner with a special T-shirt. We couldn't be more excited! This little nugget is going to be a big brother in July!

Sweet Sixteen

With the help of Kassidee and her mom, I was able to pull off a sweet 16 surprise party.  Most of the time it is impossible to surprise these kids.  While I was running errands, and borrowing some food warmers at the Geurts, Lizzy texted me to find out what I was doing there.  With the lovely "friend finder" on your I-phones, your kids can know where you are at all times.  I love it to use it on them, but don't love them using it on me.  Between Jerry and Kim we came up with a fib, that I came over to borrow Jerry's compass because Kim and I get lost on our hikes.  She believed it, so I guess that is all that was important.

Kass took her shoe shopping for the Christmas Dance.  When they returned to our house, she was very surprised.  What a fun night celebrating with great friends.

Happy Birthday baby girl! Love this girl!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is a time for family. I was blessed to have all of my children, and most of Steve's family with me this year. Lizzy made the traditional turkey cookies, with the help of little brother decorating them. Homemade pies were abundant, and are a crowd favorite!  Yum!

I cooked two turkeys which took a little longer than I anticipated. Fortunately, I had made some hors d'oeuvres to lessen the hunger pains of those waiting. It actually turned out perfect, by the time everyone arrived, had some appetizers, the turkeys were ready.

When I took one of the turkeys out of the oven I turned it on it's back to get all the stuffing out of the turkey cavity.  When Jeff and Scott went to carve it, I heard whispers of the movie Christmas Vacation, and hand jesters showing a turkey exploding, as they poked at the backbone of turkey.  Not remembering I had turned the turkey on it's back, I panicked thinking I had ruined the turkey.  I was so happy as we turned it over and carved the delicious turkey for our Thanksgiving and didn't have a "Clark Griswald" moment.

The Brown's know how to party!  After we ate, a ping-pong tournament was organized, and everyone (except Grandma and Grandpa) participated.  We had a wonderful time spending the afternoon and into the evening with the Browns!

Brent and his kids came later for dessert.  Some of his kids took a couple of my kids Black Friday shopping.  After they shopped they came back to my house with some of their cousins for dessert and ping pong.  What a fun day!

Birthday Boy

The birthday boy chose Texas Road House for his celebration.  We love birthdays and think they should be celebrated all week.  Part of the week long celebration was dining at Texas Road House.  I'm sure he chose this restaurant so he could ride the bull.  Look at that face, he looks like he is thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful son-in-law! Love you!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Jazz Game

My little "credit card thief" was at it again.  He bought himself a "surprise" through  For the $20 he spent he got two lower bowl tickets to the Jazz verses the Bulls, and a Ball Is Life T-Shirt.  Not a bad deal for $20, however, his helping himself to my credit card (he has memorized the number) is a little disturbing!

Since I really paid for the tickets, and I LOVE the Bulls, I made him take me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cutest Ute Fan

This year we got season tickets to the Utah Men's Basketball games.  We only have 4 tickets, so we take turns going.  We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Number 9th ranked (as of today) Ute's play ball.

I love going to the Utah Basketball games with this cute little guy (oh and his parents too)! He claps his hands and and says, "Go Utes". Melts my heart!

Scout Camp

Ben's scout troop went on an over-night trip to White Rock, in Skull Valley in Tooele County. It was a little cold that weekend. I thought I packed him for cold temperatures, however, I noticed him wearing a jacket I didn't recognize… probs.  Truthfully, I'm just happy he didn't wear shorts!

What amazing Scout Master's to put up with a group of 12 year olds; pack gear and food for the troop; and teach their scouts a thing or two.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

By the way, the scout entering the tent in a BYU sweatshirt, wouldn't be Ben.  I don't think it could get cold enough for him to resort to a sweatshirt like that.

Asking to the Christmas Dances

Bountiful High School's Christmas Dance was girl's choice. Liz and her friend Cassidee had just turned 16 and were ready to invite a young man to the dance.  They had a fun time at target finding the cute trees to ask the boys.  They listened to my recommendation on how to ask.  Wow!  That might be a first!

Woods Cross High School's Christmas Dance was boy's choice.  It was the week after Bountiful's Dance.  Liz got asked to the dance by a Woods Cross young man.

Asking to the dance.
Answering to the dance.
Getting asked to the Wood's Cross High Christmas Dance.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Still Hiking

This year the weather has been so delightful. As long as it cooperates, we will continue to hike.  Usually, by the end of October there is snow on the ground, but not this year.

Kim and I took a pleasant hike behind the temple.  We started out thinking that we would take the hike to the top of the hill where there is a nice overlook of the temple.  Once we got to the top, we kept going.  We took on the big hill (mountain to me) behind.  I was surprised that it has become less difficult the more I take this hike.  I have truly found something I love to do.  I have thoroughly enjoyed hiking this year with my cute little partner.  Probably the fact that I have a fun friend to go with makes it most enjoyable!

Happy Harping

Lizzy had a Halloween harp recital. She either forgot, or didn't want to dress up. Fortunately, Brent had a few things in the trunk of his vehicle to assist Lizzy with her costume.  Marge Simpson and the lady soccer player with dreads did a wonderful duet!

Halloween 2014

Halloween is such a fun holiday.  It brings out some of the best qualities in everyone.  You just never know who will show up. We had a handsome hockey player, a wiener dog, superman, and a skeleton with her baby.  It all made for a very fun night.

With hot chili, chicken noodle soup, and scones to warm you up, it was perfect!

Usually, I don't get many trick-or-treaters, but with the warm weather we got a lot!  I even ran out of candy which has never happened before.  We had to turn out the lights and pretend we weren't home.