Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Breaking Tradition

Junior High School is an interesting time of life.  Students are not only learning academics, but are also learning social skills.  It is enjoyable to watch kids blossom.  Some of the joys of advancing in school is participating in extracurricular activities.

All of my girl's (Meagan, Sarah, and Katelyn), have been 9th Class Officers.  We thought perhaps a tradition had been started at our house.  However, Lizzy had another idea.  She wanted to be a Cheerleader.  She is a great tumbler, who can pull off quite a few tricks for a girl her age.  From back handsprings, to tucks, she is pretty good.

Mueller Park Jr. High had Cheer try-outs on Friday.  Clinics- where you learn the cheer, dance, jumps, and tumbling- were Monday through Thursday.  Lizzy worked hard throughout the week to perfect the routines.  Her hard work paid off Friday during try-outs.  She was so excited to make the cheer team.

She thrilled to be a 9th grade MPJ Panther Cheerleader with 11 other adorable girls.  Yay Lizzy!

Good luck treats for Lizzy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness 2013

Bye, bye, bracket.  For those who were predicting  Gonzaga to take it all, you might have been a little disappointed by the Wichita St. Shockers defeating them. It was an unfitting end for a team that earned their first No. 1 overall ranking in school history just weeks before.

Besides being a top-seeded team, my love for the Zag’s may have something to do with #11, David Stockton.  Yes, he is the son of the talented, and athletic, Jazz Basketball player, John Stockton.
I got a little teary-eyed watching John and his wife in the stands, in the very arena John played in, rooting for his son.  The sadness that was felt by his family as they watched the Shockers defeat the Zags was felt by those of us who admire him and his family, and of course the Zags.
My adoration for John Stockton goes beyond the basketball court.  Yes, I watched him play from 1984 to 2003 with the Utah Jazz.  Back in the good ole’ days, TSG had season tickets to the Jazz, which allowed us to get up close and personal with the Jazz.
Besides John’s phenomenal basketball record, he is an amazing family man.  We got to spend some time with his family when we were invited to a 40th birthday party of a friend where the Stockton and Hornacek families were present.
It was 2001 when Mike and Mary invited us to his 40th birthday party.  Mary, his wife, and my friend, hosted the party.  Little did we know, that among the invited guests were the Stockton, and Hornacek families.
Mike was only 8 at the time, but couldn’t have been more impressed. John Stockton was one of his favorite players. Mary grabbed me and said, “You should see the look on Michael’s face.”  It was priceless!
My older girls were busy being teenagers and didn’t want to come, so we took the younger 3.  Ben had not joined our family yet, but I was contemplating adding one more to our family.
John Stockton’s wife Nada had just had their 6th baby, Samuel.  I had a great time holding, and playing with him since, I secretly wanted another little boy myself. When John Stockton realized Mike was my only boy among 4 girls he stated, “Well, you have to have another boy.”  I thought that might influence Steve, but it only made him laugh.
Ben was born in 2002, so I guess the joke was on Steve.  I tell Ben, that it was John Stockton that persuaded us to have another baby.  Not really true, but a good story.
Although we were probably just another face in the crowd to the Stockton’s, they were very memorable to us.  Hopefully, for the Stockton family and Gonzaga, next year will have a happier ending for the Zags.

Piano Federation

Ben and Lizzy participated in piano Federation. They have been preparing for months, two pieces to perform. Ben played The Ride of Paul Rivere, and Plaza De Torros, while  Lizzy played El Matador and German Dances Number 2.

It is a little intimidating performing before 2 judges at the University of Utah.  They both came back with Superior rating which is the highest level of performances.  I was grateful their hard work paid off.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hi Chews

Hi-Chew is a flavorful Japanese fruit chew. This candy was once difficult to find.   It is now found in some local grocery stores, and is finally sold in bulk at Costco. Hooray! I was happy to find this tasty treat in the big size at Costco.

One would think this should last our family quite awhile.  However, for some reason it has only been lasting a few days.  I couldn't figure out what was happening until Ben came home from school one day with a little extra cash.

Ben delightfully reported, "Mom, I have earned $13 at school this week." "How so?" I inquired.  "Well, I have been selling Hi-Chew to kids at school, 2 for .50. No wonder he hasn't wanted to do extra chores for cash.

Mystery solved!  What cute little entrepreneur.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alice In Wonderland - CAA Performance

Creative Arts Academy dance students performed in the ballet Alice In Wonderland.   The stage was transformed with beautiful, vibrant settings, spectacular costumes and props, and fabulous choreography.  Each performance (Thursday through Saturday) at BHS, was packed with standing room only for spectators to view this amazing ballet.  From the tiny teacups, to the more advanced dancer, each was majestic on their own level.

Kate, Meagan, and I, made it a "girls night out" watching Lizzy perform as a beautiful caterpillar, and eating out.  Lizzy was fabulous!

Fosse Company
Dancing Caterpillars

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy 18th Mike

Mike's choice of birthday celebration, was dining at The Market Street Grill. He wanted to curtail his distaste for seafood, since soon he will be living in Alaska for 2 years where seafood is abundant.  Market Street is well known for it's exquisite preparation of seafood, so I expected raving reviews.  He carefully chose a mild fish - halibut - that was very palatable.  I made him try their famous clam chowder, which he endured.  Even dining at one of Salt Lake's finest seafood restaurants could not make him a Pescetarian (person who just eats seafood, fruits and nuts).

His comment at the end of the night was, "Seafood is alright, but if I had to choose between beef and seafood, I'd choose beef."  To the delectable raspberry almond tartlet he said, "I don't really like fruit in my dessert."  What?  Who raised you any who?

My adorable little fisher boy likes to catch them, but not eat them.  Awe.......

Despite his lack of enthusiasm for seafood, we had a great time.  Happy Birthday Mike!

First Fish
Dining at Market Street
Birthday Celebration
Happy 18th to an amazing young man.  Love you!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bountiful High School 4A State Basketball Tournament

The Braves headed to the 4A state tournament with a 19 game winning streak. Thursday's, win over the Westlake Thunder in the first round only pushed their streak forward. The Braves ended with a win over the Westlake Thunder 67-53. With Orem loosing in the first round, the Braves had momentum, and confidence in taking state. The Braves moved to the semi-finals Friday night, playing against, the Sky View Bobcats.

State basketball games are usually close.  Only the best teams are in the state tournament.  Once there, with all teams playing at the top of their game, anything goes.  Friday night was no different, when the Sky View Bobcats, beat the Bountiful Braves at the buzzer.  It is a game that will be remembered for years to come.

Shocked and devastated was the response by the players and the fans of the clutch performance by Jalen Moore from Sky View.  The Braves played their hearts out, and were confident with a win as they lead in overtime.  With only 2.9 seconds left in the game, and the Braves up by 3, Moore took a half court, fade away shot, that went in by pure luck.  What a heart breaker for the Braves!

The night wasn't a complete loss.  The players should be holding their heads high by playing an outstanding game.  Not only are their skills remarkable, but their hearts are too.  Friday night was "Pink Out", where fans wore pink to honor Mo Manu's mom as well as another student's mother and other cancer patients.

The fans and the community of Bountiful have rallied around Mo, and his family as his mother has been fighting cancer for the second time.  The chant's of, "We Love Lile!" rang from the stands, as the students, dressed in pink, expressed their love and support for the Manu family.

Mike, continued to support his team from the injured bench.  It was heart wrenching as he observed from the bench, unable to play the entire season.

With a young team, we are hopeful for next year!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rain Gutter Regata

The Rain Gutter Regatta races small model boats along a 10-foot long water-filled rain gutter. As with the Pinewood Derby car races, each participant is given a standard kit that includes only the pre-approved parts for building a boat. One significant difference between this event and the Pinewood Derby is the involvement of the participant during the race. The participants must blow into the boat's sails to propel it along the rain gutter.

Ben and Mike have been preparing for days for the Rain Gutter Regatta.  Each Scout constructs, paints, and embellishes their boat to race in the competition.  Mike, wanting Ben's boat to be better than the delivered and approved kit, bought Ben's boat kit at the Scout store.  The Clerk insured him, that the kit he sold to Mike was better than the standard kit received.

Unfortunately, Ben's boat didn't fit in the 10-foot long, who knows how wide (not wide enough), water-filled rain gutter.  His beautiful boat couldn't even race.  Ben was disappointed, but since Mike made the error, not me, he quickly forgave.

Next time, I'm not delegating Boy Scout projects to my Eagle Scout.