Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Baby

The lyrics to Santa Clause Is Coming To Town is on the mind of each youngster at the Browns' Santa Party.  Excitement abounds, as we all sing Christmas carols awaiting Santa's arrival.  Tonight, it's all about Santa, and his naughty or nice list.  The kids are anxious to hear what Santa has to say about them.  Santa is his jovial self, as he reads in his book about the accomplishments of each child during the year. We all listen in awe to the brilliance of the children.  Some how, they all seem to make it on his Nice List.

Santa comes bearing gifts, and a listening ear, as each child jumps on his lap to declare what is on their Christmas list. This year, Santa brought my girls' photo books of their trip to New York City.  It's amazing how keen Santa's mind is.  He never skips a beat!

Once Santa leaves, dessert is served as we spend time enjoying one another.

Santa's Naughty and Nice Book.
Ben made the Nice List….yes!
Cute Lizzy Girl
The crowd….and Mason.
Our family with Santa.  I sent this picture to Mike and he said, "Mom, you're scaring me a little bit! It looked like you were getting just a little bit too cuddly with Santa in a few of those photos you sent me. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Tis the season for warm festive sweaters, not the funny Christmas sweaters that are now the center of attention at some Christmas parties, but the attractive bedazzled ones. My new charcoal grey sweater is among my favorites.

Today I decided to wear my new sweater to a luncheon/cookie exchange/lady Christmas Party.  I donned my red skinny jeans (well as skinny as it gets for a not-so-skinny mom), with a white button down shirt, with my comfortable, sleek, sweater.  I was tending Mason, and he happened to have a melt down as I was getting ready.  I thought I had checked myself out in the mirror prior to leaving for my engagement, but evidently I wasn't very thorough.

The luncheon was fabulous!  A little daunting with a toddler that was due for a nap, but wonderful!  I tried to work it like the young moms who casually walked about with a baby on their hip.  After spilling salad dressing on my sweater, and somehow wiping chocolate on my face, I realized my time for having young children had long expired.

When I returned from the party, I happened to get a glance at myself in a mirror.  For some reason my white button down shirt looked a little awkward with my sweater.  The bedazzles seemed to be on top of my shoulders rather than along the neckline.  I quickly tugged on my shirt and sweater a little, made a small adjustment, and went about my day.

That night after a church meeting, we were all enjoying refreshments, while laughing and talking.  I started to chuckle, put my finger along the neckline of my sweater and felt the tag.  Instead of quietly keeping this information to myself, I burst out laughing relaying the ins-and-outs of my day to the crowd.  I couldn't believe I could go the entire day not noticing that the bedazzles on my sweater were in the back.

Some of the synonyms for the word bedazzled are:  blind, dazed, confused.  Very appropriate words to sum up my day. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

My Baby Girl Turns 15

My baby girl turned 15 today. It seems like yesterday that I delivered this cutie. She had a great birthday, as several friends took her to breakfast at Kneaders, Kim (or skinny mom as I fondly refer to her) and Cassidie Geurts and I took her to lunch, and we topped off the evening at the Cheese Cake Factory with our family.

Blessing Day
Lunch with the Geurts, YW heart attacking her room.
Cheesecake Factory with the family.  Even Danny Granger (former All-Star for the Pacers) came to celebrate.
Happy Birthday Lizzy!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year with my siblings, their spouses, some of their children, my parents, and my sister-in-law's mother.  It was just a small crowd of 20, but lots of fun.  We spent the day before baking pies, making turkey cookies, baking rolls, and mashing potatoes. My sister and her husband were gracious enough to cook the turkeys and stuffing.  Everyone brought their speciality dish to the festivities.

After our delightful dinner, we played ping-pong, board games, and enjoyed one another's company.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving preparations.
Our guests

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Thanksgiving is a time when we give Thanks for the blessings we have.  This year I am particularly grateful for my two missionaries.  They are braving the elements of Alaska, and Vanuatu to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mike is in Bethel that is only accessible by Ferry or Plane.  It is in a remote part of Alaska where water has to be transported in, and filtered to drink.  The temperatures have recently been dropping into the -60's.  He and his companion bundle up to visit their investigators.  He thinks they look like astronauts walking around town.  They have a golf ball to knock on the doors, it is too cold to remove your hands from your gloves.

Kate is serving in Whitesands, Tanna.  It is a small island in Vanuatu that stays in the 80's usually year round.  Although the island is beautiful and warm, she is living in a small hut with no electricity,  no running water, and no indoor plumbing. Her living conditions are bleak to say the least.

Although each of my missionaries living conditions are not the best, the are very happy.

Each time I turn on the water, I remember my daughter doesn't have running water, and make sure I don't waste the water.  When we sit down to eat, I think about the abundance of food we have, while others have barley enough to eat.

One thing I have learned, no what your circumstances, you can choose to be happy.

I am grateful…..we are truly blessed.

Kate fixing dinner.
Kate's hut.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Three Little Turkeys

Our Pre-Thanksgiving tradition continued this year by donating a turkey to the Utah Food Bank.  It's a small donation, but the kids said the workers seemed extremely grateful. 
Three little turkeys 

Jordan's Birthday 2013

 Happy Birthday to fabulous son-in-law!
Birthday dinner at MoBetta's.
Thanksgiving was his actual birthday.  Around here, we celebrate all week.  We put a candle into a piece of homemade chocolate cream pie and sang to him again.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Music is important in our home.  Everyone is encouraged, maybe a little forced, to play some kind of musical instrument.  I must say, it hasn't been easy over the years encouraging kids to practice, but it is worth it.

In Elder Brown's email he says, "Since a lot of branches out here don't have anyone who can play the piano I've gotten really into it! Yea mom, you were right alright? I regret not practicing when I was younger like I was supposed to. So Ben and Lizzy... PRACTICE THE PIANO!!! Especially the hymns. Don't be like me and regret not doing it."

Mike has been playing the hymns for his branch in Kenia.  He took piano until the 9th grade, and was fortunately good enough to play on his mission.  I don't require that my kids are concert pianist, but I do require them to be able to at least play the hymns.

Ben has taken Mike's words of wisdom to heart and has already learned some hymns.  They are not even simplified.  He practices the piano a lot.  Not with a timer on, and a mother scolding him, just whenever he wants, which seems to be a lot.

Lizzy is back to the harp.  Oh, how I love the harp!  I could sit in a room with harp music playing all day listening to the angelic music.

Christmas Harp Recital
Piano Duet Recital