Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Pumpkin Carving With The Fulks'

The carving party began with dinner...... Papa Murphy's pumpkin face pizza. After our appetites were satisfied, we gathered our patterns, and began carving the GREATEST pumpkins. Jon is the most creative artist in the group. He looked at a pumpkin on his I-phone for a pattern, and carved his pumpkin, free hand. They were ALL fabulous!

Off To A Good Start

MPJ Panthers verses Millcreek Mustangs
MPJ's first basketball game got off to a good start. The Panthers came from behind and rallied with their rivals the Millcreek Mustangs. It was tied, but ended short for the Panthers. Final score Panthers 39, Mustangs 45. Michael played well with 16 points, 7 steals, and 5 assists.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friends and Family

I love my friends and family! These are just a FEW
of the services and kindnesses I have been a recipient of:
  1. Landscaping: My yard not only is taken care of weekly, but the leaves magically disappeared, fall clean up completed, and we are all ready for the snow.
  2. Yummy desserts and meals.
  3. Handyman work: Fence repairs, sprinkler repairs, and all sorts of odds and ends in my house.
  4. Plumbing.: My Plumber not only takes care of our plumbing needs, but when he sees other maintenance needs in our house, he takes care of them too. He calls to check on us, to make sure everything is working well.
  5. HVAC - My HVAC man makes sure we are never without heat, even if it means coming the very next morning (early) to replace a blower on a furnace.
  6. Legal assistance: I have the BEST legal assistance. He is so generous with his time and talents.
  7. Dental and doctors assistance.
  8. Wedding planners.
  9. Psychologist: I always have someone I can talk to and share my thoughts and concerns with.
  10. Financial Advisors: Those who keep me on budget.
  11. Those who take my boys fishing, camping, and hunting.
  12. Those who employ my girls and support them in preparing for dances, school, etc.
  13. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Those who are always there to cheer me up, take me on an excursion, help with my kids, assist with projects, and are just always available.

I love you all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

In Need of Life Time Changes

The boy's and I have found it fun to attend the BHS Football games this season. We usually only catch the ones that are played at home, but they are really fun to watch. Last month when BHS was playing Tooele, Ben, Mike, and I went to the game.

As we were walking in I tried to get Ben to hold my hand, but he wouldn't. I guess my baby is growing up. There were so many people, especially students, crowding into the stands. I found my way through the crowd knowing that my boys were following me. Much to my surprise when we got to our destination Ben was missing. Mike left to look for him while I stayed seated hoping he would walk past and find me. I wasn't really worried because I thought he had only been missing for a couple of minutes.

After a short time, Ben walked by with a worried face with a female adult. He told her that I was his mom. I asked Ben what had happened and he told me he got lost in the crowd. With pure innocence and crocodile tears, he told me that he looked all over for a mom with a fat butt, but couldn't find me. He finally found one, (a mom with a fat butt) and looked up and it was a mom with blond hair not brown. He was so sad and worried. He then asked a mom to help him find me, who asked the principal to help him find me, who asked a teacher to help him find me. Poor Ben!

Moral of the story: Mom with the fat butt, wishes she was mom with a skinny butt. Time to make some life-time changes.

Grandma and Grandpa Brown's Halloween Party

Looking Back ~ Party 1998
Party ~2009
Grandma and Grandpa Brown's Halloween Party was another success. They had fishing for prizes, a donut game, and two pinatas. The kids came home with lots of loot. Sarah even got to fish, and caught herself some cash. Trailor Park Mom was a no show. I heard she ventured out to another Halloween party and made an even bigger splash than she did last year by wearing her beautiful, blue robe. The homemade scones, chicken noodle soup, and chili, warmed our souls.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Well Deep Inside Of Us

Brittany Bastian Ericksen was a former assistant to Steve at TSG. She was a wonderful assistant, and also helped on occasion with our kids. She is so sweet and tender. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. We have remained in touch over the years, and have looked forward to her visits.

She was shocked, as all of us were, at the sudden passing of Steve. She visited our home during that time providing me with strength and encouragement. She shared stories of the tender mercies that happened with her cousins that passed away.

This weekend tragedy struck her extended family again. Her Uncle Rick Bastian died suddenly of a heart attack while mountain biking with his son. It seemed all too familiar to me. My heart breaks for this dear family that also lost two children (Desiree, and Travis), in a fatal car accident two years ago.

My thoughts and prayers are with Brittany, her family and the Bastian family. I read a comment on the obituary today that applies to all of us who have lost a loved one. It is written by Brian A. Wong:

"Your grief may ebb and flow. It has been said that each of us has this well deep inside of us that can be filled to the brim with grief. Every time we cry, we empty out some of the well. But the well fills again. The level of sorrow in your well may lessen as time passes, but it will never run dry. There will always be birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and those days when the well seems to fill to its brim again. Allow yourself time to remember and mourn. It is part of your healing. Grief is a continuing journey."

I do not personally know his wife KayeLynn. I have only heard about her through Brittany and others. I am so impressed with KayeLynn's strength and testimony. What a great example she is to me. My heart breaks for her and her dear family.

Halloween Porch

Getting Ready for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Closet

It's been over one year, and my closet is still full. Half of it remains the same, nothing added, nothing removed. It gives me the feeling that life has not changed.....that life is the same. Somehow, my thoughts wander to my husband walking through the door any minute with a funny comment, making us all laugh. I find myself inadvertently calling his phone, just to hear his voice. I dream of him visiting. I'm sure it's my subconscious desires working in overdrive. I miss him!

Many of "the firsts" are over. The first child getting married, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, the first day of school. I am sure there are many more to come. I know he is near.....still being a husband, a father, and a friend. Just at a distance.

Wouldn't it be nice, if difficult things weren't permanent here on earth. Some day I'll sort through the closet....but for now, I like it just the way it is.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wacky Witches

Gardner Village......... Petting Zoo, Wacky Witches, Fudge, and Fun.

Ben's Favorite

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Piano Duet Recital

Lizzy and Kylie Wright: Chop Sticks

Katelyn and Linda Jo: The Phantom

Mike and Aubri Devashrayee: Topaz Sonatina

Katelyn, Mike, and Lizzy participated in the Piano Duet Federation. They were all successful and got superior ratings. Yay kids! Posted by Picasa


(First paragraph of essay)

In cultural moral relativism, morality is relative. Morality is dependent on cultural acceptance for its validity. There are many arguments against cultural moral relativism, but the two that I will be discussing are the Reformers Dilemma, and the Problem of No Error. These two arguments bring up some major problems with cultural moral relativism. I will discuss their strong points as well as explain the basis of these arguments.


Sarah managed to fit 3 essays on one 3x5 card for her Philosophy midterm. I am sure her Professor didn't think it was possible when he told the class they could bring one 3X5 card to the midterm. I personally think it would be more difficult to decipher her notes than to memorize an essay. Pretty creative! Oh, btw, she got 100% on her midterm. A for Sarah!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ben's Story

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pack Farm Pumpkin Patch

Corn Maze....Picking Pumpkins...Friends.

National Honor Society

Katelyn was inducted into the National Honor Society at Bountiful High School. Membership is based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. All members must maintain a grade point average of 3.8 or higher.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apples, Applesauce, and Apple Pies!

Fall is accompanied by magnificent changes. The colors on the trees begin to brighten with beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves, the temperatures are brisk, the harvests are plentiful, and smells are refreshing. Our wardrobes change, the temperature changes, and our palate changes. We transition from summer salads to warm hardy meals, and prepare for the winter season which is rapidly approaching.

Grandpa and Grandma Brown (Janet and Wayne), have a fabulous apple tree in their yard that provides crisp, green, tart, delicious apples. Grandpa Wayne attends to his harvests and provides us with LOTS of apples! Today, their daughters, and daughter-in-laws, (along with Wayne and Janet), were able to process these fabulous apples. Janet provides us with her expertise in pie making. She has been making pies for many years, and is one of the best "pie makers" I know. She always has an assortment of delectable pies for Thanksgiving. Together we made 16 apple pies, canned many bottles of apples, and prepared applesauce for the long winter months ahead.


16 Apple Pies!

Les, rolling dough.

Chantall and Janet

The end result.