Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mike - Senior Prom

Senior Prom is a nostalgic time for seniors.  It is their last formal High School dance.  Students begin reflecting on what has been, and what is yet to come.  Many girl's save each corsage, reminiscing about their high school dance experiences.  Guy's, while a little sentimental, begin thinking about graduating and immediately leaving for 2 years on missions.  Yes, it's a rather reflective time.

Thank heaven for sisters!  Mike's choice of tux did not meet mine or Kate's approval.  With 20 minutes before closing the night before, we exchanged some of this clothing choices.  Black and white stripped shoes, "clown shoes", as Kate and I called them, was one of the few items exchanged. Phew!

Mike's dance group went to Fastkart in SL for their "day date", which was held the night before prom.  Fastkart is a facility where you experience a real speedway with two indoor Go Kart Road courses.  To begin with, each participate was given an attractive hair-net to wear under their helmet to avoid any scalping.  The group enjoyed flaunting their new hair-dos.  The kids had a blast racing against each other,  as the boys' politely (as they put it),"let the girl's win".

Kate had everything set out for Mike on the day of Prom down to what watch to wear. He looked very handsome! His date, Brynn Mortensen, looked gorgeous!  What a fabulous couple!

They began the evening dining at the Rodizio Grill.  The Rodizio Grill offers over a dozen rotisserie grilled meats, perfectly seasoned and carved table side by Brazilian Gauchos.  The girl's were very good sports.  They graciously ate every kind of meat that the boys' did, which included bizare choices such as rattlesnake meat, and chicken hearts.

The dance was held at The Davis Conference Center, where they danced the night away.

They finished the night off with swimming, movies, dessert, and fun at Zac Muri's house.  It was a cold night, but kids will be kids, and swimming was a hit.  It wasn't until days later they realized the pool's clorine count was a little high.  Some girl's hair changed colors, and others had to get their hair trimmed (only about 4 inches), while others had their swim suit color change from black to brown.  Oops!

They had a wonderful time, Mike's date, Brynn Mortensen, was gorgeous and fun!  What a great night!

Preparing to Go Kart

Our Family with Mike

 Brynn & Mike

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Week ends are highly anticipated by my children.  It is a time to relax, enjoy life, participate in sports, and of course P A R T Y!  Yes, every teenager loves to party!

We hosted a surprise party for Mike's friend Tucker at our house this past week end.  Mike and his friends did a great job preparing for the party.  Of course they were assisted by Kate, and Tucker's mom.  Tucker's mom made a fabulous home-made birthday banner, and brought a delightful cake.  Kate helped blow up balloons, and made some tasty punch.  Tucker was very surprised!  It was a fun time had by all.

Lizzy had planned on having a couple friends over the same night.  I assured her that the boys' would be downstairs, and she and her friends could have the main level.

Ben was headed for an air soft war with the neighborhood boys.  My instructions to him, included wearing the necessary protective gear. I suppose my directions should have been a little more specific.

Unbeknownst to me, there was trouble brewing.  The basement windows were open to get some air circulating, as the party was going. Ben and his friends decided to shoot people at the party through the open windows with their air soft guns, and run as fast as they could.  Mike and a few friends from the party, hunted them down in the red truck, with a spot light, found them, tackled them, and brought them back home for their punishment.  When they arrived home, they decided to duct tape them together.  It wasn't until they were looking for duct tape that I began inquiring as to what was going on.  Where was I?  Right in the den, by the front door.  How could I miss all the commotion? My kids hate to tattle on each other, so they just take care of things themselves.  I wish they were a little more informative.

After my intervention with the duct tape, Ben's air soft gun got confiscated.

It's getting a little crazy around here!

Tucker's Party
Ben ready for air soft wars.
Liz and friends.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Girls or Boys?

One of the perks of extracurricular activities, is that you get to spend time in the car with your kids.  To avoid listening to me sing along to the radio, or other annoying habits I may have; on occasion, we engage in some very entertaining conversation.

Having the full attention of both Ben, and Lizzy the other night while picking them up from various activities, I proceeded to talk to them about our changing family.  "Within a couples months it be just the three of us at home,"I stated.  This comment got Ben's mind churning.  "Do you wish you had all girls' or all boys'?" he questioned.  "I am glad I have both," I declared.  "Well, I know that if you had to pick, you would have all boys, cause you like boys best," he stated. Before I had time to comment he explained, "You are not a 'girly, girl, mom'.  You love to watch sports, and especially love to watch me, he continued.  "I do love sports, Ben, but I also love watching Lizzy dance, and tumble too.  I think I'm a girly, girl, mom.  I like to wear femine clothing and jewelry, and paint my nails," I rebutted. "Well, that doesn't count as being a 'girly, girl'.  You love sports more than dance, and you like to watch me the most," he refuted.

Someone has a little confidence.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Veil

Often when I am tending little Mason, I notice him staring in a corner with a big grin on his face, acting as if someone is standing there.  His face lights up as he gets excited about what he sees.  Sometimes, I get teary eyed, believing that the veil is thin, and that this cute little boy sees his grandpa.  Teary, because I wish Steve were here. Sometimes, Kate, believing the same thing as I do, will say, “Grandpa, are you there,” bringing a smile to my face.  I am sure that Mason and Steve got to spend some quality time together before Mason ventured off to this mortal life.

My two missionaries will be leaving in a couple months.  It is comforting for me to believe that their Father will be with them. I believe, that at times, they will feel his presence, and he will help them while they are serving the Lord.  There many earthly things Steve cannot do, but we are blessed to have an angel on the other side watching over us.  He will be able to help Kate and Mike on their missions in a way that I will not be able to.

Boyd K. Packer in his conference address in 1987, title, Covenants states, “I remind you that it is a veil, not a wall, that separates us from the spirit world... Veils can become thin, even parted...They who have preceded us in this work and our forebears there, on occasion, are very close to us... I am a witness that those who go beyond the veil yet live and minister here, to the end that this work might be completed.”

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter Sunday we had a fabulous Sacrament Meeting.  It made me a little teary....well maybe a lot.  That happens sometimes.  I have learned to be OK with that.  I'm grateful for my understanding about life after death.  What a blessing it is to know we will all live together as a complete family someday.  That's such a comforting, nice thought.

The Easter Bunny came to our house.  She filled the baskets to the brim with sweets, and left a few gifts.  Mike got a DVD of Duck Dynasty.  If you haven't watched that TV show, you are really missing out (according to Mike).  Ben got a super soaker. Can't wait to start dodging water bullets.  Kate and Lizzy were pleased with their new Easter clothes.

Mike LOVES to hide the Easter baskets.  This year he went a little overboard with Ben.  Ben's a good sport about it, probably because Mike is the mastermind behind it. Kate, gave up on looking for her basket and is just enjoying everyone else's.

We stopped by Steve's grave on the way to the grandparents.  Kate and Mike had copied their mission calls to leave at his grave, along with some Easter Lilies.  I had to take a picture of what will be left of our family when these two missionaries leave.  In the four and a half years that Steve has been gone, our family has changed so much.  Two are married, two going on missions, one grandchild, and only two kids and myself will be at home.  Life marches on.

Grandma and Grandpa Brown hosted a lovely Easter dinner, and fabulous Easter Egg hunt.  The grandkids are growing up, but they still love spending time together and with their Grandparents, and relatives.

Steve's grave.
Easter at our house.
The Easter Egg hunt with the relatives.
The hunt, two beautiful girls, the Hansen's with their new little one Milo, and Mason.
The crowd.
Two cute almost 18 year olds.
Cute boys with Grandpa Brown.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Eve

Easter Eve day we delivered Easter gifts to the married kids and Mason.  Mase loved his bunny ball, bunny sippy, and new Easter out-fit.  We knew he would love his bunny ball, since I can't wait to give gifts and let him play with it at my house one day while I was tending him.

Bunny jars filled with Easter candy were given to the married couples, along with Chicks and Rabbits for Sarah.  Hope no one is dieting!  We love playing Easter Bunny!

The evening was filled with coloring eggs.  I learned a new way of coloring eggs from Pinterest that involved a whisk.  Unfortunately, I didn't love it.  Mase loved putting everything in his mouth.  He enjoyed getting in all the action from his bumbo.  We had a slight problem when we couldn't get this cute little Chunky Monkey out of it.  That's right his squishy little legs got stuck.  I held him, while Meg pulled him out of it.

We are ready for the Easter Bunny!

The Cottle's
The Hansen's
Our beautiful eggs.
Coloring Eggs.
Stuck in the bumbo.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Kate

Twenty years ago, Katelyn Brooke Brown was born. I remember destinctly the day she was born. It was such an easy birth....if there is such a thing.  When she was born, I looked at the doctor and said, "Is something wrong, she isn't crying?" To which he replied, "No, she is just a good natured baby."  Kate certainly is good natured, but definitely Not quiet!  She is full of energy and life, and keeps us laughing. We are so happy she is a part of our family.

On Kate's actually birthday, Lizzy was trying-out for cheer.  Instead of worrying about herself, she made good luck treats for her sister, helped her with her wardrobe, and curled her hair. Always helpful, that is Kate.

We certainly didn't let Kate's birthday go past without a bang.  We decorated with balloons and candy, had a cute ice-cream cake, took her to Rio Grande, and watched her open presents.

We love Kate!

Cutest Baby!

Texas Road House for the March Birthdays. Ben was at baseball and Meagan was taking the picture....almost got everyone!

Happy 20th Kate!