Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Day of School 2013

I know it's a cliche to say that time is flying by, but it really seems that way to me.  It seems like yesterday that I took first day of school pictures with Mike entering his senior year at Bountiful High.  Wow, how things change!  I'm down to two kids at home.

The kids are happy with school, happy with their teachers, so life is good.

Duck Dynasty has become the theme for Ben this year.  Duck Dynasty lunch box, Duck Dynasty note books, you name it, he has it.  When Mike first brought this TV show into our home, I must admit, I gave him a hard time.  He would be pretty proud, and me a little embarrassed to say, that I have fully embraced this show.  Who would have thought?  It's a wholesome, ok-to-watch as a family kind of show.  If you don't have a hunter in your family, or think hunting is of the devil, well then, maybe not.

Anyway, here we go, to another successful school year!

Lizzy:  9th grade at Muller Park Jr. High School
Ben:  5th grade, Mrs. McFee

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Bees' 2013

The Bees' ball club sponsors a family night at the ball park.  Included in the package are 4 tickets to the game, and 4 hotdogs.  What a great way to spend FHE!  Since we had an extra ticket, Baylee came with us.  I have to say the girls were more interested in treats, and people watching than the actual game.   Ben and I loved it!

We were really sad when the girls' talked us into leaving early only to find out later the Bee's won with a walk-off grand slam.  Holy cow!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Getaway

To escape or distract ourselves from D Day (death day), we decided to take a quick trip to Park City.  All it took was to watch one child have a melt down earlier in the week to realize.....we need a distraction.

We had a few set backs, before we got on our way.  Some of the bikes had flat tires.  Thanks to Bountiful Bicycle Shop they fixed them while we waited at no charge.  We then realized that the only person who knows where the key to the bike trailer lock is, is Mr. Brown.  Since he wasn't available, Bountiful Bicycle Shop cut the lock off for us.  As we drove out of the drive way ready to go, the check engine light went on.  Off to Tire Pros we went.  Thankfully, they added 4 quarts of engine oil (could have been a real problem), free of charge, (I may be a frequent flyer there) to get us quickly on our way.

When we arrived in Park City we checked in and went on a bike ride. We rode the Park City Rail Trail.  It is a paved, easy trail parallel to the Highway.  This has been a trail that I have wanted to ride for quite some time.  It was my first time out on a bike since by knee surgery, so slow and easy it was.

The skies were darkening as black clouds moved in, looking like a severe rain storm was eminent. As we approached the famous white barn, the sky lit up with bolts of lighting.  It didn't take us long to realize that metal bikes and lighting was not a good combination.  We quickly rode back right before the torrential down pour of rain hit.

During our visit we, dined on fine Mexican food, enjoyed the Alpine Slide, shopped at the outlets, took Mase for his first carousel ride, and enjoyed the hotel amenities. We had a great time!

Saturday night I thought I might be coming home early.  Ben got really sick.  He was laying on the floor shaking, and couldn't leave the bathroom.  He asked me to sing Primary songs to him, to help him feel better.  How cute is that!  After hours of attending to his needs, we both finally fell asleep.  He felt a lot better in the morning.  Maybe it was something he ate.

Sunday late afternoon when we arrived back home reality hit.  Tears flowed as we felt the immense pain of our devastating loss.  Five years later, we still mourn the loss of our dear father and husband.  We miss you and love you Steve Brown!

Mountainside Marriott
The bike ride.
Mexican food.
Mason's first hotel stay. His mom put the unwelcomed turbine on his head.
Mason's first carousel ride.
He wanted to keep riding.  He loved it!  Nana would have let him, but mom said NO.
The Alpine Slide.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Ben!

Birth week has become very popular at our house.  Instead of celebrating your birthday on the day you were born, we celebrate it all week.  Ben reminded me multiple times that it was birth week, as I would ask him to do chores.

This year, Ben had a friend birthday party. He has been looking forward to this party for some time.  Airborne was the destination for the celebration.  Airborne consists of several arenas of linked trampolines.  There is over 40,000 square feet of wall to wall trampolines, foam pits, ski jump, obstacle course, dodge ball, and pure fun.

The favorite among the partiers was Air Ninja.  It is a very difficult obstacle course.  Foam pits are underneath to break your fall, if you don't make it through this entire series.  The kids enjoyed trying the course, and watching an older teenager complete it.  They were so excited to see someone complete the course, and cheered him on as he did.  This course is patterned after Ninja Warrior TV series.  This program portrays the world's top fighters, wrestlers, and athletes competing in one of the most difficult physical contests ever devised. If you complete the course (only 1 out of 200 do) you have the title of Ninja. We didn't have any Ninjas in our group, but it was fun trying.

What a great group of boys'!

Ben requested on go to Scheels for his actual birthday.  We had never been to this sporting goods store before, and were quite excited. As we walked around it seemed a little like a theme park.  What retail store has a 65 foot Ferris; 16,000 gallon salt water fish tank; shooting games; and taxidermy animals at ever turn.  Who wouldn't love visiting this park, I mean store.

Ben's intention was to find the perfect birthday gift.  Unbeknowst to him, I already had Quinn pick out a new archery bow.  Ben asked what I was getting him for his birthday, and I told him his birthday party was his present.  He became a little agitated at the end when we left with no present in hand.  He was surprised and grateful at dinner with the family, when he was given his birthday present.

Lizzy decorated his room, Jordan and Sarah gave him a wonderful gift as well as some old treasurers from Jordan's past.  Pee Wee Herman was my personal favorite.  I think he'll start appearing at different events.

Happy 11th Ben!  We love you!

Birth Day with his dad.
Hayden, Alex, Jono, Mitch, Corbin, and TJ
The party room.
Trying to complete the Air Ninja course.  No one made it to the end.
Cheering on an older teenager that made it through the course.
Dodgeball, and jumping
The Farris Wheel
Texas Road House with the fam, decorating Ben's room, the Pee Wee Herman.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mason's First Birthday!

Mason Quinn Cottle, my one and only grandchild, turned one on August 6th.  I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by.  I'm sure his mamma wonders where her baby went.

Meagan spent hours preparing for his fish birthday party.  Now days, pinterest is a great source in helping mom's prepare for these monumental times.  Pinterest might provide ideas, but it is hard work for mom's.  The Cottle siblings, mason's cousins and grandparents, and the Brown siblings (excluding our missionaries) and Nana, were there to celebrate.

There wasn't a dull moment with dinner, fishing games, and a refreshing dip in the neighbor's pool.  We are so fortunate to have such great neighbors!

Happy birthday to my favorite little grand baby!

Mason's fish cake.
Not sure about digging in.
Getting the hang of it.
Party decorations.
Games and presents.
Nana's gift to Mase.
Cooling off.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bury Your Talent

Ben's conversation with me today:

Ben: "Mom I think I have a talent that I'm really good at."

Me:  "What's that Ben?"

Ben:  "Lying."

Me:  "Not sure that's a talent Ben, in fact, pretty sure you should NEVER lie."

Ben:  "Well I'm really good at it Mom. You can never tell when I'm lying to you."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cherry Hill

Annually we visit Cherry Hill's great water activity center.  There are various things to do depending on your age and skill level.  Pirates Cove Pool is "the kiddy pool".  It contains an authentic 40 foot pirate ship with a simulated cannon battle and Caribbean sound.  Small slides, shallow water with mermaids and pirates entertain little children.  It was perfect way for Mason and Emmie, to get their feet wet.

The Gulch Lazy River is an endless river of fun that you float and soak in. The kids enjoyed floating around on their tubes, enjoying the mining theme town. It's Disneyland in the water....well...maybe not exactly!

Two massive Dragon watersides are enhanced with fog and lighting in the tunnels.  These Dragon heads welcome you as you enter the slides with plenty of twists and turns for all ages. Not much time was spent on these slides and the Cardiac Canyon slides since they are on the more difficult side.

The Pirate Cove Pool is deeper, a place to go when you actually want to swim.

The best part about Cherry Hill is spending time with our Fulk friends.  We love them, and enjoy spending time with them.  This year, it was Mason's birthday, I was sick in bed with pneumonia, so Meagan took the kids and met Jodi and her crew at the park. Looks like I missed out on a great time!

They all came home very tired, after a very fun day!

Emmie, Jodi, Meagan, and Mason

Happy Birthday Quinn

Meagan, Quinn, Mason, and I celebrated Quinn's birthday at Market Street Broiler.  Not many of my children love fish, so this was a treat for me.  His birthday is on the 23rd of July (Parade Day), so we celebrated one day earlier.  Happy birthday to a wonderful son-in-law!

Yes please, we'll have three desserts!