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Husband and Father
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Showcase

Lizzy and Ashlyn

The winter showcase is an opportunity for the ballet classes to preform. The competition team preforms later in the season. Lizzy and Ashlyn are some of the youngest in their ballet class. They enjoy dancing with the "older" girls. They preformed to Jingle Bell Rock. The girl's did a fabulous job. After the recital Santa makes an appearance, which adds to the excitement of the show and makes it tolerable for some of the young siblings who made it through the recital (Ben).


Melinda said... must tell me the truth though. Did I ruin the video? Did I hit the wrong button. I HOPE not. She is so pretty! Just like all the rest. Don't tell Michael and Ben I called them pretty. Handsome is more like it!

Foster Mom said...

she looks so beautiful!

MOM THE BOMB said...

Go, Lizzy! You're beautiful AND talented! I miss you!

Sarah said...

sheesh lizzy looks like she's 15!