Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Gift From Dad

Thanks to Carrie Bears for making special bears for each of my kids for Christmas. The Bear's were made from Steve's clothing. They were each unique, representing something they shared with their Dad. All the bears had a U of U logo from their Dad's clothing. Mike's was the exception. His bear was made out of Steve's hunting shirt, a hobby that Mike and his Dad shared together. I hope that in some small way these bears can bring them comfort during difficult times. I want them to know that their Dad is always near watching over them. I tied a picture of each child with their Dad around it's neck with this poem:

A small bear made from my shirt,
To remind you of me.
I am with you always.
Though you may not see,
The twinkle in my eye,
As I watch you from above.
I am proud of all you are doing.
And I hope that you know,
My love for you continues to grow.
Love, Dad
We watched a DVD made from Jodi of their Dad, and opened the Bears. The holidays are still very difficult. We miss Steve and love him so much, but know he is spending Christmas with Christ.


Parry Particulars said...

How did you find out about such an awesome place? So cute!

browniemom said...

I learned about it in "grieving" seminar I went to. I was so happy that they turned out so cute.

Bexie Funk said...

that is such a great gift! i bet they love them!

linda said...

What a treasure for your kids to have!

I am Laura said...

what a wonderful idea and they are so wonderfully made. they will be treasured forever I am sure.

Brett and Emily said...

You have the best ideas!! These bears are darling...the perfect gift from their Dad. I LOVE the poem!!

Melinda said...

I think that those are amazing. What an awesome thing form them all to have and keep forever!

Foster Mom said...

that makes me cry