Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Recently I have been thinking a lot about miracles. Why do some people who so desperately seek miraculous miracles in life-threatening situations see them, and others just as determined to see the same sort of miracle in a similiar situation don't? We both HOPE, PRAY, and FIGHT, for the same outcome, but don't receive the same result. Is one person better than the other? Did one fight more? Did one pray harder?

Elder Oakes states, "A miracle has been defined as “a beneficial event brought about through divine power that mortals do not understand and of themselves cannot duplicate.” I believe in miracles. I believe that they come directly from God. I believe in hope, faith, prayers, and blessings.

He continues, " What about miracles that don’t happen? Most of us have offered prayers that were not answered with the miracle we requested at the time we desired. Miracles are not available for the asking. We know this from the Lord’s revelation directing that the elders should be called to lay hands on and bless the sick: “It shall come to pass that he that hath faith in me to be healed, and is not appointed unto death, shall be healed” (D&C 42:48). The will of the Lord is always paramount. The priesthood of the Lord cannot be used to work a miracle contrary to the will of the Lord. We must also remember that even when a miracle is to occur, it will not occur on our desired schedule. The revelations teach that miraculous experiences occur “in his own time, and in his own way” (D&C 88:68).

This gives me great comfort. At times when I have been both overjoyed, and envious of another's "miracle", I remember that it is always the Lord's will.

Although we do not personally know the Vanderlinden Family, we will continue to pray for them. We are grateful for their example, their strength, and their miracle.


linda said...

"Miracles" have always puzzled thank you for answering some of my questions. I admire your attitude so much!

Jami said...

Cindy - I found the Vanderlinden's because of the link you have on your blog. I went to the UofU with Pete and had a writing class with him. How surprised I was to come across his story as I have not talked to him in years (the world is so small). Thank you for sharing your insight on miracles and for always hitting the nail on the head. I admire you!

eden said...

Thanks Cindy for introducing me to the Vanderlinden's blog. I am amazed by miracles--but I think I am more amazed by faith. You have amazing faith!

Vanderlinden Clan said...

thank you for this post; even before this whole thing happened with my husband i wondered the same thing about miracles, and even after we got a miracle i have wondered the same thing about miracles. i have felt almost guilty that we got what we asked for when others seem to not get the exact same answer. exactly what you wrote about was the exact answer i received in my pondering over this. while it was a medical miracle, having his life spared was also part of the plan even a part that we certainly don't see just yet. i'm grateful that was my husband's plan, but i also have to add that i felt overwhelming peace that had it had a different outcome that would've been equally a part of a plan. thank you for your support even though you don't know us. i agree with eden; i think the more amazing part of all things that we go through is the faith to endure them well even when the plan is not what we had hoped. best wishes to you and your family. jennifer