Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sleep Deprivation

WARNING! This blog is not for the faint of heart, the weak, the easily grossed out or nauseated.

Week days can be tiring..... early morning music lessons, preparing for school, and other morning routines. It wouldn't be as exhausting if I went to bed early, and could sleep through the night. This week especially, has been one of those weeks were I definitely have been sleep deprived. Week ends are not much better. Lots of fun....but waiting up for kids, early morning games and activities don't leave a lot of time for sleep.

Last night little Ben crawled into bed with me. He said his stomach hurt, but I thought nothing of it. Once the last child I was waiting up for was home and the house was locked up, I quickly fell asleep.

About 1:30 a.m. Lizzy slipped into bed with me. She quietly tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I think there might be a problem." I woke up to find that Ben had been vomiting in my bed. Yes, that's right IN MY BED. Lizzy had snuck into my bed while Ben was in the bathroom throwing up and quietly rolled right into it. She thought she felt something smelling, wet, and chunky. So, she woke me up. I couldn't believe I could sleep through this whole ordeal. I ran around my bed to start changing sheets and cleaning up the mess, only to STEP in a trail of vomit that led to the bathroom. Yuck!... squishy, smelly, vomit between my toes. I hobbled to the tub to wash my feet, and quickly began the clean up process.

Poor Ben! He had to take care of himself until his mother finally woke up to help. Ben had a rough night, throwing up at least once an hour. I made him a comfy bed on my big chair, with a large lined barf bucket. I got up every hour to empty the bucket, spray Lysol around to diminish the odor, and help him in any other way.

Barfing is bad enough, but to make matters worse, Lizzy slept with me, and must have had some terrible dreams. She sat up in the middle of the night and began an intense conversation in gibberish. If she is not talking gibberish than she is a silent genius speaking in another language, well, let's just say I'd never know either way. When she settled down she started flailing her arms around striking me repeatedly. She then grabed me around the wrists as if I'm in hand cuffs, tightening her grip until I shook loose. I don't know what is going through her sweet little head in the middle of the night, and I'm not sure I want to know.

Long story short....still sleep deprived. Welcome to motherhood, and Happy Valentines Day!


Ashley said...

Cindy- Oh man... I am sorry there is NOTHING worse than cleaning up throw up! I feel your pain... Ty has been barfing as of late as well! Hope he is feeling better so you can get some rest. I think about you often. Happy Valentine's Day!

MOM THE BOMB said...

Poor Cindy! I feel more sorry for you than Ben.

It's A Wonderful Life-Family Journal said...

Rough night. It makes my stomach squirm just thinking about it. I hope the Lysol did it's job and Ben is feeling better.

Bexie Funk said...

oh goodness, i think you have to be a mom to understand how you could sleep through it. i believe you and have had nights like that myself, not THAT bad though. go take a nap! poor Cindy!

linda said...

I'm so sorry...barf is the worst!