Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend marks the transition from Summer into Fall.  The leaves begin to change to vibrant red, yellow, and orange, and the temperature begins to drop.  The mountains are beautifully draped in the colors of fall. We were excited to be invited to spend Saturday with the Carling family at the Silotti Cabin in the gorgeous Uintah's. Wherever you go in the Uintah mountains it is beautiful!

Our first adventure of the day was visiting the Fish Ponds at Bear River Lodge.  At this location, catching fish is supposed to be a sure thing.  With most of our group fishing, we were a little surprised that only three fish were caught.  Lizzy caught the first fish, and was startled as her line began to tug and she saw a fish attached to it.  It took several kids helping her, to reel it in.  She was ecstatic as she saw the big fish she had caught.  Brad told her that every person has to kiss the first fish that they catch.  It caused quite a commotion as she went to kiss the fish, it squirmed and flung blood all over her.

Ben and ShaLynn caught the other two.  I was a little stunned that Shay was able to catch a fish with the tangles she had in her fishing line.  With her Dad's help, she was able to get it to shore. The other fishermen/women were outwit by the fish.

The kids enjoyed games and movies while Brent and I went on a motorcycle ride.  As we stopped at a resting stop, I noticed a trail sign to Lily Lake.  We decided to hike to the lake and back. We started this  trek from the Highway, and hiked a couple miles up to our destination.  The lake was so beautiful, surrounded by pines and quaking aspens.  The water is crystal clear, and is a perfect place to escape and find some peace and quiet.

I was so impressed with Lily Lake that when we returned to the cabin, I took several of the kids up in the Suburban (no more hiking for me), while Brent made dinner.  There, we happened upon a group of campers that had brought their horses up for the day.  They kindly let little Mason sit on one. We shared some laughs at the lake, and returned to the cabin for dinner.

Brent was a gracious host, fixing us dutch oven enchiladas, and a surprise dessert. We played games until late in the evening where we wrapped up the day and returned from a very adventurous day in the Uintah's.  We had a wonderful time with the Carling Clan, and appreciate their kindness. 
The Silotti cabin.

Fishing at Bear River Lodge.
Hiking to Lily Lake.
Game time.
Liz and Brad
Lily Lake part two.