Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Presidents' Day Baseball Tournament

The best fans!
The Condo
The Presidents' Day baseball tournament started on Friday, February 13th. Mikey Jacobsen and Michael play on the Rebel's baseball comp team. Amy Jacobsen took her three boys Mikey, Franky, and Luke, and I took Katelyn, Lizzy, Ben, and Michael. We were able to stay at the Las Palmas St. George Condo. We all stayed together and had a ton of fun!
They played two games each day. On Friday they played the Riverton Wolves, and the Utah Bandits. They won one game and lost the other. It was quite chilly at night. We were grateful for lots of blankets, and a smart mom who brought a propane heater to keep us toasty. Saturday we played the Minnesota Blizzard Blacks, and the West Jordan Jaguars. We went 1-1 again. Michael played well. He had a double play, played great defense, and made some awesome hits.

We had a great time with the Jacobsen's. Amy and I loved the Home Show, and the kids loved playing baseball, having art contests, watching movies, playing games, hottubbing, and swimming.


AshtonFamilyHappenings said...

Congrats Michael and Ben. Lookin good.

MOM THE BOMB said...

Wow! Looks so fun. Michael is a great athlete (and a great kid)!

libbypeterson said...

It looks like you have had a couple of eventful months! I love catching up with you and yours on this blog-you might even inspire me to finally set up one of my own! Congratulations to Megan. I know the hunting group would love to get her a nice gift. Is there something you think she could use? Best wishes, libby