Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Candy

Let the candy making begin….. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without homemade candy.  We started the month off with making mints with my sister-in-laws.  I still don't think I could do it myself.  Everyone has a purposed.  I'm a melter, Michelle - the pounder (the hardest job), Les is the cutter, and Jen this year has a bad back so her daughter E filled is as another melter. Jen we rudely labeled "the dog beater", since she tried to discipline Ashley's new puppy with a tap on it's nose!  What a fun day!

Later in the month, some of my girl's and I, got together to make carmel/pretzels.  It take all day with all the different processes.  It was fun watching these cute little moms be domestic and care for their adorable little ones.  They are both such great moms!

The next few days I finished making caramels and toffee.

Bring on Christmas!