Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sleep over at Nana's

Meagan and Quinn left for Hawaii for 10 days and we got to tend little Mason. Sarah and Jordan took the weekends and we took the weekdays.  We had so much fun with this cute little boy!  Ben was his favorite.  Every morning he would cry when Ben would go off to school. Mason would get a backpack and try to go to school with Ben. When we wouldn't let him go he would cry and cry.

Brent and I took Mason to the Ogden Tree house Museum.  He was mostly interested in the trains, but we got him to check out some of the other fun things.  After the Museum we took him for a bike ride along the Ogden River.  He loved riding in the bike trailer.

His mom left us with a few rules such as, "No Binky, except in his bed."  I may or may not have forgotten that rule a couple of times.

We lost Hoo-hoo, his stuffed dog, on our walk one morning.  He loves his little pup and doesn't sleep well without it.  We were so happy to finally find Hoo-hoo!  It was a little stressful for a moment.

We love this cute little nugget, and had such a fun week with him!

Playing at Nana's.
Ogden Treehouse Museum.
Bike riding along the Ogden River.
Ben and Mase.
Nana's bed.
Emillio and Mason.


Sarah Hansen said...

Such a fun Nana!! Hope you're this fun with my kids ;)