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Monday, February 17, 2014

Harp Ensemble February 2014

After performing in the matinee production of Sleeping Beauty, Lizzy quickly got ready for her Harp Ensemble in the afternoon before her final dance debut that evening. Wow! What a day!

The Harp Ensemble included 13 harps. Students rotated around on the harps, playing songs from Frozen, Downtown Abby, Abide With Me Tis Evening Time, and others.  Most of the songs from the Disney movie Frozen were performed twice, but from varying students. I absolutely love harp music. This is an excerpt from the ensemble. You can barley see Lizzy in the video, second harp in on the top left hand corner.

Julie Keyes is Lizzy's teacher.  She is absolutely amazing.  She gave this music to her students about 2 weeks before they performed.  She composed many of the songs for this harp performance.  She plays the harp with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, as well as the Nut Cracker at Ballet West, and many other places.  She is an avid swimmer, biker, and triathlon participant.  I admire all of her talents!

One of my favorite pictures of her, is that of her playing the National Anthem at a swim meet, in her swim suit.  She will take a harp anywhere.  Recently, she was seen playing harp music for a dear friend of hers up at the Huntsman Cancer Center while her friend was undergoing chemotherapy.

What a great example, and talented woman she is!

13 harps
Julie Keyes and students


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