Husband and Father

Husband and Father
July 15, 1958 ~ August 25, 2008

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nana's Day Out

Forget the households duties, the cleaning, the cooking. Today was a beautiful Spring day, and was all about having a great time with my one and only grandchild. After a week off, we are back together again. I decided to start the tending week off right with a "Nana's Day Out."  First on our agenda was watching the MPJH school cheer team perform at an assemble. The assembly was introducing the wrestlers, that they cheered for enthusiastically.

Next up, Station Park in Farmington.  The animated movie Frozen was our main purpose for choosing Station Park.  We arrived early and found numerous forms of entertainment.  I may or may not have gone down the playground slide with Masson, not once, but twice, as the fashionable, preppy moms stared.  The fountains were another fascination.  The fountains danced to music, like those at the Balligio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Time may have gotten away from us when we were exploring the wonders of Station Park.  I quickly bought our tickets for the 11:05 showing of Frozen, purchased a kids pack for Mason, and took our seats in theatre 10.

Mason had a fabulous time, sitting in a big chair with his popcorn and juice, watching the previews.  As we settled in, I noticed that many of the previews were inappropriate for young children.  Some were R rated.  I made a mental note to bend the ear of the Manager on my way out for showing inappropriate previews to children watching a rated G movie.

The movie finally started, I could feel my face go red, and a rush of panic come over me as we began watching "About Last Night', which was definitely rated R.  I packed up as fast as I could and bolted from the movie theatre.  Mason was a little whinny and irritated about the mad dash for the doors.  He was enjoying himself. When we got in the hallway I realized we were in theatre 11 not 10.

MPJH Cheer Team
Station Park Playground

The Fountains
Enjoying the Previews

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring Fever

Signs of spring are all around. You can feel it in the air with the temperature warming, watching the buds on trees and plants sprout, and hearing the voices of children playing outside. We are ready for Spring, and couldn't be more excited!

This boy loves to be outside.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Other Side

Last night as we were watching the All Star game, Mason was walking around the kitchen and family room waving with a big smiling on his facing say, "Papa". He has been taught that "Papa" is Steve, and Grandpa is Steve Cottle. There was little doubt in my mind, that Steve was there, especially since we were watching a basketball game:).  I love those tender, unexpected moments, when you know your loved one is with you.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AAU Tournament 2014

Saturday night was spent at the Franklin Covey Basketball Center, playing in an AAU President's Day tournament. We played 3 games, beginning at 4 in the afternoon. We played S.W.A.T., and beat them 37 to 34; Lone Peak, and beat them 47 to 39, and lastly Unitah beating them 37 to 23.

This is a great group of boys, that are learning to play as a team.  This is their first year together, and they are doing great!

We are the Campions!

Valentines 2014

Valentines for a widow can be heart-breaking.  Sometimes the sadness just happens, but that's ok, as long as it doesn't last too long.  Maybe I go a tad overboard on holidays, just so I don't focus on what is missing.

There are so many wonderful people in my life that make holidays, and other special days happy.  I am so grateful for all my friends and family who always remember me.

We had our traditional family Valentines party on Wednesday.  Gotta love heart shaped pizzas and cutler's cookies.  I love giving small gifts to my family.  Mason is a little obsessed with Elmo, so he was very easy to please.

Thursday night Meagan and Quinn took me to The Cheesecake Factory for a lovely dinner.

I am blessed!

My Valentine!
One of the many Valentine gifts received from a dear friend.
Our traditional family Valentine party.

Missionary Packages

Valentine and Birthday packages were on the list of must dos for our cute little missionaries. Elder and Sister Brown were both born in the month of March.  When I asked Sister Brown what she wanted for her birthday her response was:  "If it's not too much trouble, scar cream, rash cream, and calcium supplements."  I thought I'd throw in a few more exciting gifts.

The Spelling Bee

Ben qualified to be a contestant in the Valley View Elementary School Spelling Bee.  He is naturally talented when it comes to spelling.  It comes easy to him.

The day of the Spelling Bee, I had many places to be.  Mason and ran into the school just as they where shutting the doors to the Spelling Bee.  Whew!

Ben made it through the 3rd round.  What a champ!  Several of his school buddies stayed to cheer him on.

Congrats Ben!

Super Bowel Sunday

The Broncos and the Sea Hawks played in the Super Bowl. Since I'm a Bronco's fan, all I have to say is, "What?  You got to the big show and forgot to show up?" Bad commercials, bad game, and funny food stories. Yep, just glad we didn't kill anyone:).

The boys'…..not very happy.
Girls…..always want to look good in a photo.
Our source of entertainment for the night.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Harp Ensemble February 2014

After performing in the matinee production of Sleeping Beauty, Lizzy quickly got ready for her Harp Ensemble in the afternoon before her final dance debut that evening. Wow! What a day!

The Harp Ensemble included 13 harps. Students rotated around on the harps, playing songs from Frozen, Downtown Abby, Abide With Me Tis Evening Time, and others.  Most of the songs from the Disney movie Frozen were performed twice, but from varying students. I absolutely love harp music. This is an excerpt from the ensemble. You can barley see Lizzy in the video, second harp in on the top left hand corner.

Julie Keyes is Lizzy's teacher.  She is absolutely amazing.  She gave this music to her students about 2 weeks before they performed.  She composed many of the songs for this harp performance.  She plays the harp with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, as well as the Nut Cracker at Ballet West, and many other places.  She is an avid swimmer, biker, and triathlon participant.  I admire all of her talents!

One of my favorite pictures of her, is that of her playing the National Anthem at a swim meet, in her swim suit.  She will take a harp anywhere.  Recently, she was seen playing harp music for a dear friend of hers up at the Huntsman Cancer Center while her friend was undergoing chemotherapy.

What a great example, and talented woman she is!

13 harps
Julie Keyes and students

Sleeping Beauty

Talent was abundant at the Sleeping Beauty Ballet performance. Graceful, elegant, ballet dancers of Creative Arts Academy studio were at their best. Every ballet performance has to have the funny parts to remind us that this is not a Ballet West Performance. The tiny 3 year old bunnies were among my favorites, as one got loose and wouldn't jump off stage.  Mostly, however, there were more seasoned dancers, showing their skills.

The Mazurka's were definitely my favorite.  Lizzy was beautiful dancing in the last scene of Sleeping Beauty as a Mazurka.  What is a Mazurka you might ask?  Well, I'm not quite sure, but it's something elegant, and beautiful.

Girl's day out to the Ballet.  If you look closely, you won't find Lizzy in her group's photo.  She got quite the shiner while cheering from an elbow to the eye, so she opted out for pictures. Thankfully, the black eye was long gone by performance time.


Creative Dance Academy's ballet department, is now featuring Sleeping Beauty at Viewmont High School. If you have a daughter dancing in every production (Thursday through Saturday), you get the opportunity to Volunteer to help with the younger dancers. Thursday was my night to watch the 6 year old Bluebirds. I should have come a little more prepared with lots of treats and quiet games. The studio provided many activities to entertain these cute little ballerinas. They had banners to draw on, and a parachute with many game options, but that wasn't enough.

Keeping these youngsters out of trouble, accounted for, and contained until they performed was quite a feat.  After playing the studio games and boredom took root, the Bluebirds told me they were "flying south", and took off running.  I should have taken action quickly, because with my delay came the consequence of loosing my Bluebirds.  After, I called after them, and looked for them for quite some time, I found them under the dark, dirty, stairwell.I quickly gathered the girls, only to find that these little mischief  makers now needed costumes to be fixed, and hair re-dos. Fortunately, I have 4 girls of my own, and know a thing or two about ballet buns, and costume adjustments.

After our little adventure, I tried playing quieter games with them, such as Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum.  Good thing that game doesn't really involve gum or I'm sure it would have ended up in some one's hair.

Even though it was quite an adventure, these little girls were so cute!  It reminded me of my younger days.  They danced beautifully, and were so adorable that the mischief was soon forgotten.

Volunteering back stage gave me a sense of appreciation for ALL that goes into a performance such as this.  Teachers, moms, seamstresses, office workers, everyone worked together to present a beautiful, professional ballet of Sleeping Beauty.

Bluebirds playing Bubble Gum, Parachute Game, The Banner, and Lizzy.